Comprehensive RiskTool Software

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Let RiskTool guide you or your organization through the maze of compliance requirements, liability issues, and training needs. 

The RiskTool System is comprehensive. This means there are multiple functions and features that allow an organization to address an array of risk management issues.

Which regulations apply to your organization?  RiskTool offers an assessment tool that asks the right questions.

Does your organization have the necessary policies in place to demonstrate due diligence and compliance requirements?  RiskTool comes with over 40 policies and procedures, allows access by your attorney to advise and recommend, and features a private collaborative document management platform called the "Reference Library".

How do I create a cyber-aware culture? By training employees and implementing protective measures for accessing sensitive information?  RiskTool comes with an easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS), specifically designed to quickly assign training programs, assessments, policies, and inspections to individuals, groups, or all employees.

How do I learn in-depth about various topics that could impact my organization?  RiskTool comes with a section called "Resources", which is loaded with authoritative information about many topics and links to an encyclopedia of web references.

For the insurance carrier, insurance broker, bank, law office, hospital group, state or city government and college or university, RiskTool is architected like a waterfall. Each cascading level provides an administrative function that is intended to collaborate with customer layers and user roles.

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