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Identify Risk and Vulnerabilities

RiskTool's pre-populated assessments cover a wide range of topics including cybersecurity, environmental, health, safety, and transportation risk. Assessments are designed to be "assigned" to individuals and represent a point in time regarding how a particular risk is measured or vulnerability to risk is measured. The system is also designed to allow customers or their consultants to create their own assessments and measurement statistics.

RiskTool guides you through the regulatory rules process

In order to demonstrate due diligence expected of your company, certain written programs, policies, procedures, and training, need to be implemented. RiskTool helps you identify which regulations apply to your organization.

RiskTool helps you get competitive insurance rates

Many companies purchase insurance to transfer the risk. It stands to reason that a company that demonstrates they are actively seeking to lower their vulnerability to perceived risks should pay lower premiums. RiskTool can be used as a collaborative platform to exchange information and demonstrate your actions to lower risk with your carrier. Give your broker and underwriter the ammunition to get you the most competitive rates possible! 

Insurance carriers can use RiskTool as a platform

Insurance Carriers can use RiskTool as a platform to build a community of policyholders. This community can then collaboratively and actively share resources and information to lower risk, or the vulnerability to risk, resulting in a higher probability of lower loss ratios. 

Does your insurance carrier sponsor a system like RiskTool? Is your Broker actively helping you be as proactive as reasonably possible to obtain the best rates available? Ask your broker or carrier to sponsor a RiskTool license. Simply click the "Sponsor Me" button (below), give us your broker’s name and we will do the leg work for you. 

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