RiskTool is provided on a hosted or non-hosted basis

The Cloud-Hosted Solution

We have worked with a number of organizations that have had the targeted interest of providing a value-added resource for their customers. We have learned how to successfully implement this solution for thousands of customers. Let us show you how it is accomplished quickly and efficiently. 

  1. Registration​​

  2. Validation

  3. On-boarding

  4. Implementation

  5. Customer Care

  6. Servicing and Maintenance

  7. Innovate and Develop

The Non-Hosted Solution

The non-hosted solution is specifically intended to give as much control and flexibility as possible to companies who want their customer base to be solely under their care and management. The preceding list of seven steps is still necessary but should be folded into an existing architectural designed and implemented by the customer. A one-time restricted license (cannot resell the license) or an annual license fee is available.   

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