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Cybersecurity and Sustainability


RiskTool Technologies, LLC has been providing companies with a risk management software solution for over 17 years. The software platform called RiskTool has been used by some of the world's largest organizations to help manage risk, compliance and provide training to their employees and customers.


Some of our customers choose to private label RiskTool and offer it as a value-added resource to their customers. Others choose to use the software as a starting point for their own business goals. Still, others are direct customers whom we provide with a hosted platform for managing their cyber risk.

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A comprehensive and easy to use risk management solution



Most experts would agree that a layered defense that institutes a combination of physical, technical and administrative safeguards is the most effective approach. It is incumbent on all companies to understand where their vulnerabilities exist and to prioritize strategies to reduce or eliminate them.  Recent regulations place the burden on companies to protect the privacy of their customers and employees.  
RiskTool helps companies perform vulnerability assessments, establish written programs, polices and procedures and assign training throughout their enterprise.  RiskTool empowers an organization and its executives to demonstrate the due diligence that stakeholders expect of their leadership.

  • Cloud Hosted – The hosted solution provides a secure infrastructure for the scalable platform and will be hosted by RiskTool Technologies. Also included is customer service and maintenance.  

  • Non-Hosted – The non-hosted solution will allow an organization to purchase a restricted license (cannot resell the license).  This puts the customer in control of their channel and the administrative functions that assist their customers to implement the software strategy.  Pricing for this is on an quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis and comes with implementation support.



RiskTool comes pre-populated with a wide range of risk assessments.  Each assessment is provided as a starting point for organizations to develop a better understanding of their risk.  In many cases, a completed assessment assigns a value so risk can be measured over time.

Training individuals about the specific things that they should do or not do is fundamental in reducing risk and vulnerability.  Criminals today are very cleaver and sophisticated on how they trick users into clicking on some link or taking some action that opens their computer up to become ground zero for a security event.  

RiskTool delivers topic rich training programs that are short and to the point.  Training programs are also designed for different user types; employees, management and technical staff.  


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