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Cybersecurity Risk Management and Compliance

RiskTool provides peace of mind.

RiskTool makes many secure in the knowledge that they are in compliance with the regulations that pertain to their organization and their employees are trained to know when a cybersecurity event is happening and how to respond.


Too many businesses today are struggling to train their employees and meet the many regulatory requirements that surround cybersecurity. 


Let RiskTool help.  Just let us know that you want to start using RiskTool and we will set one up for you at no cost.  How is that for a good night's sleep?     Get more information


RiskTool Technologies, LLC has been providing companies with a risk management software solution for over 18 years. The software platform called RiskTool has been used by some of the world's largest organizations to help manage risk, compliance and provide training to their employees, business associates, and customers.


Some of our customer's private label RiskTool and offer it as a value-added resource to their customers. Others choose to use the software as a starting point for their own enterprise cybersecurity risk management business strategy. Still, others are direct customers whom we provide with a hosted platform for managing their cyber risk.

Our goal is to provide our customers with peace of mind, knowing that their regulatory requirements are being addressed and compliance is a reality rather than a worry.  We monitor the various regulatory requirements and update our content to address changes so you don't have to.

The RiskTool platform coupled with our recent addition of allowing customers to launch phishing campaigns to targeted users and monitoring the Dark Web for vulnerable credentials sets this solution apart. 

Please contact us today so we may assist you in deciding which solution best fits your needs.


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Products and Services

RiskTool Software

RiskTool is a comprehensive cybersecurity compliance platform.  RiskTool’s unique, as it allows organizations to collaboratively develop a compliance strategy from scores that are received from various assessments and inspections specifically designed to meet NIST, HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR standards.  The work plan (checklist) that is subsequently created tracks costs and the specific measures necessary to comply with the specified regulatory standards.  Architecturally, RiskTool allows MSPs, Vendors/Business Associates, Attorneys, Brokers, and Carriers to all collaboratively communicate and interact on behalf of the customer to reduce risk and promote compliance. RiskTool is a mature software platform prepopulated with the necessary content to measure and implement compliance requirements and almost as important, is not cost-prohibitive.  

Our approach is a little different.  We believe that most organizations know where their vulnerabilities lie but need the tools to be able to substantiate and prioritize reducing them.  Most businesses want to do the right thing but are strapped by time, resources or finances.  RiskTool Technologies can assist you in developing the scope of your cybersecurity program. 


We believe that it is only after you have conducted a thorough assessment of your existing cyberculture can you know where best to focus your efforts to protect your information effectively. 


Insurances and Brokerages

RiskTool has been used successfully by one of the largest insurance carriers in the world to provide a value-added solution to its customers, implement a loss control strategy and establish an underwriting tool to measure an organization's cyberculture and therefore risk.

Banking & Financial Services

RiskTool has been used by more than 250 banking and financial services organizations to provide a tool for its employees to obtain cybersecurity training and additional resources.  Several banks have used RiskTool as a value-added service for their business customers.


Most colleges and universities are faced every year with a growing number of students and faculty that "plug-in" to the network and bring potentially harmful code that wants to maliciously undermine the efforts of the institution's network personnel to maintain a secure infrastructure.  Both students and faculty are users of RiskTool in order to gain insight into how to protect information. 


The healthcare industry is one of the widest users of RiskTool and the consulting services that RiskTool Technologies can provide.  Our expertise is embraced by many hospitals, physicians, and dentists to keep staff knowledgeable about sound cybersecurity practices and address HIPAA regulatory requirements.


Many cities and municipalities are using RiskTool to train their staff and address the mounting threat of ransomware.  We encourage local governments to contact us for assistance and will oftentimes make financial considerations for the public good. 


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